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The Weekly Blague

Some Final Thoughts on "About Cherry"

Over the past two days, a lot of people have come to this blog to read my review of About Cherry, a film about a young woman's journey into the porn industry. (It opens in theatres tomorrow.) I enthusiastically praised the movie because of its realistic depiction of a business that few people understand, and because of the noteworthy performances of a talented cast that includes Ashley Hinshaw, James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel, and Lili Taylor.

I mentioned, too, that I was taken aback by the venom that other critics have spewed at this film. One of their criticisms is that the plot is clichéd: girl from dysfunctional family escapes into the world of XXX.

In the 16 years that I spent editing “adult” magazines, I interviewed about 200 porn stars, and the majority of them told me the same thing: They came from dysfunctional families. Incest, rape, and molestation—which I wasn’t permitted to discuss in the mags due to censorship regulations—were, indeed, common themes. So, what may have seemed clichéd to a critic from a mainstream publication who knows little about porn seemed, to me, to be an accurate portrayal of a porn star’s life. Cherry represents Everywoman (and man) who, due to a lack of opportunity, education, and connections, seeks work in adult entertainment.

One Final Note: I’d like apologize to anybody who tried to participate in last night’s live chat on Talk Story TV. The event was again postponed due to technical problems. I may try again next week.

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