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Nowhere Man at La Tregua, Sevilla, Spain

MindDog TV

Beaver Street Interviews & Readings

The Electile Dysfunction Podcast


The Beautiful Kind

An excerpt from my interview with Kendra Holliday, editor of The Beautiful Kind, conducted at Shameless Grounds, a sex-positive coffeehouse in St. Louis, where I'd begun my 2012 promotional tour for the U.S. edition of Beaver Street. In this clip, I explain my so-called "experiment in participatory journalism"—posing for an X-rated photo shoot to gain insight into the mind of a porn star.

Another excerpt from my interview with Kendra Holliday. In this clip, I discuss my working relationship with porn legend Annie Sprinkle, who was a columnist for Stag magazine in the 1980s. Click here to watch the complete interview.


Bloomsday on Beaver Street

On June 16, 2012, Bloomsday, at the Killarney Rose on Beaver Street in New York City, I held the launch party for Beaver Street: A History of Modern Pornography. Actor and writer Byron Nilsson presided over the proceedings. In this clip, he introduces the themes that were celebrated on that memorable night: pornography, James Joyce, Ulysses, Watergate, Deep Throat, and Father's Day.

My complete reading of the so-called "dirty part" from "The Accidental Porn Star" chapter at Bloomsday on Beaver Street at the Killarney Rose, in New York City, on June 16, 2012.

Byron Nilsson introduces Subway Vigilante Bernhard Goetz, who delivers a surreal non-performance at Bloomsday on Beaver Street.


Rew & Who?

On December 7, 2011, I appeared on the Internet TV show Rew & Who? to discuss Nowhere Man. The conversation later turned to Beaver Street and then to the book I was writing at the time, Bobby in Naziland.

My encore appearance on Rew & Who?, from October 10, 2012.


Talk Story TV

Talking Beaver Street with Julia Widdop.

Erich von Pauli on Beaver Street

In Beaver Street, I write about my officemate at Swank Publications, who's both the managing editor of For Adults Only magazine and a professional actor who specializes in playing Nazis. (He's perhaps best known as The Weeping Nazi in the premiere episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien.) In the book I call him "Henry Dorfman." Since Beaver Street was published, he's asked me to use his real name—Paul Slimak—and has done a series of promotional videos for the book, playing his favorite character, renegade Nazi Erich von Pauli. You can see more of Paul in Cookie as the Priest and in Working Girls as Jay, a john. Also featured in these videos is Paul's wife, Agnes Herrmann.  She appears in The Road as Archer's Woman and they both appear in Boot Tracks, starring Stephen Dorff and Michelle Monaghan.

Erich von Pauli on Beaver Street: Episode One

Erich von Pauli on Beaver Street: Episode Two. Featuring Agnes Herrmann as Diana Clerkenwell.

Erich von Pauli on Beaver Street: Episode Three. Featuring Agnes Herrmann as Diana Clerkenwell.

Erich von Pauli on Beaver Street: Episode Four. Featuring Agnes Herrmann as Diana Clerkenwell and Kevin S. Foster as Captain Derek Lancashire.

Nowhere Man Presentations, Readings, and Interviews


Café Comercial, Madrid

November 3, 2018: talking about Nowhere Man: Los últimos días de John Lennon. Diego Harris is my translator. I also read the Beatles section from Bobby in Naziland.

Brainfood from the Heartland

November 26, 2018: interview on the Louie B. Free Radio Show, broadcast out of Youngstown, Ohio.

Rew & Who?

December 7, 2011: talking about and reading from Nowhere Man.