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Flatbush Flashback

Hypothetical Question

Say you're a writer of some repute who publishes nonfiction books but, beyond a website/blog primarily used to promote those books, has no reliable mainstream outlet to publish short-form journalism. Say, in the course of promoting your latest book, you stumble upon a story that strikes you as a mini-Watergate: A Tea Party politician--a classic right-wing extremist who's up for reelection and seems unbeatable--has been accepting campaign contributions from one of the largest producers of hardcore pornography in America. Say you publish this story on your blog and traffic increases dramatically. Say you soon find out that both the Democratic Party and the mainstream media are very much aware of this story. Say you find out that the Democratic Party is dying to see this story break in the mainstream media. And say the mainstream media chooses to sit on the story for weeks, refusing to pull the trigger. What do you do?
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