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The Weekly Blague

Letter from Chile: The Earthquake Was Tender with Us

Javier Foxon and Bob Rosen, Valparaiso, Chile, October 12, 2005. Photo by Mary Lyn Maiscott.

By Javier Foxon

thank god me and family are alright.. now, while im sending you this email.. there are still some little movements of the earth (replicas) from that earthquake..man.. it was like apocalypse now.. but here in Viña and Valparaiso the earthquake was tender.. well of course some people died, but it is nothing compared to the shit going on in the south of the counrty..

Almost every city near Concepción is in ruin.. like a picture of Serbia or Irak.. or underwater due to the tsunamis (big waves) that have striked there.

it is horrible.

i wont tell you how it was.. but imagine that the earthquake that stroke Haiti lately was a 7.7... ours was 8.8..

my girl Gabi had trouble. her building almost collapsed. today in the morning we took all of her clothes from the building.. under our risk obviously.. but thank god everything is alright..

right now.. i have electricity, and comunicatiosn.. we dont have water. and we wont have until other 3 days.. but again.. the earthquake was tender with us.. we are lucky. its the people in the south that are having a very very bad time.

thank you for your thoughts. a big hug and kiss to ML and a hug to you


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