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Flatbush Flashback

Every Town Has One

The good folks of Beaver Street, in Santa Rosa, California, have kindly extended this invitation to have me read from Beaver Street when it's published this coming October. I am so there.
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10 Mathew Street

My most recent Nowhere Man interview, in English and Spanish, which ran the other day on 10 Mathew Street, a Spanish website devoted to the Beatles, is a good example of why I've been struggling for the past six years to learn to speak Spanish. I want to be able to communicate with people who are this enthusiastic about my work. The interview also marks a transitional point in my career--it's the first time I've spoken in detail about my new book, Beaver Street, which will be published in the UK, in October, by HeadpressRead More 
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The Beaver Street Literary Insurgency

A few days ago I posted the above image on my home page. It's going to be part of the promotional campaign for my new book, Beaver Street: A History of Modern Pornography, which will be published in the UK, in October, by Headpress. The drawing was done by a young German artist, Mark Kaufman, a big fan of my previous book, Nowhere Man. The energy and skill that he put into the graphic is a beautiful example of what I've come to call "The Beaver Street Literary Insurgency." Simply put, a literary insurgency is when people spontaneously embrace the work of an author they enjoy reading. I hope someday you, too, will join us. Read More 
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The Beach by Pablo Neruda's House, Isla Negra, Chile

Se armo una cadena y necesitamos que publiquen esto en sus muros...CRUZ ROJA CHILENA -Santiago Tel.(2)7771448-7771216 Fax(2)7370270-(2) // La Ayuda. Demos Una Mano Por Todo Chile. PD: CADENA DE ORACION A LA 23.00 POR LOS DESAPARECIDOS Y LOS QUE YA NO ESTAN CON NOSOTROS... PASENLO EN SU MURO Read More 
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