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Flatbush Flashback

Letter from Chile: The Earthquake Was Tender with Us

Javier Foxon and Bob Rosen, Valparaiso, Chile, October 12, 2005. Photo by Mary Lyn Maiscott.

By Javier Foxon


thank god me and family are alright.. now, while im sending you this email.. there are still some little movements of the earth (replicas) from that it was like apocalypse now.. but here in Viña and Valparaiso the earthquake was tender.. well of course some people died, but it is nothing compared to the shit going on in the south of the counrty.. Read More 
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Earthquake in Chile

Early this morning an 8.8-magnitude earthquake--the largest in 50 years--struck Chile. My thoughts are with my friends in Santiago, Valparaiso, and Viña del Mar. If you look at my home page, you can see a picture of some of them--the staff of Unfortunately, this site, as well as many other Chilean sites, are not working at the moment. Read More 
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Jamie Gillis

A cultural icon of Jamie Gillis's stature deserves a proper New York Times obit. By "proper" I mean a 2-3 column head, photo, and 1,000 words minimum.
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A Valentine from Mexico

I'd like to share with you a post by the Mexican journalist Ricardo Otero Mackinney about his trip to New York in December. He writes about meeting me in Strawberry Fields, tracking down a copy of Nowhere Man, then coming to my house to have me sign it. The piece is called Fue un martes en Strawberry Fields (It Was a Tuesday in Strawberry Fields). Read More 
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Venezuelan Interview

Yesterday, the Venezuelan arts journalist E.A. Moreno-Uribe posted an interview with me on his site, El Espectador Venezolano. I talk about Yoko Ono's sterilized perpetuation of the John Lennon myth, Lennon's assassin, Mark David Chapman, and a new Venezuelan play by Paúl Salazar Rivas, Yo Soy John Lennon (I Am John Lennon). Read More 

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Nowhere Man to Be Published in Italy

I'm delighted and relieved to announce that an Italian edition of Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon will be published this year by Coniglio. This calls for a slice of pizza and a glass of Chianti. Hell--make that a whole pie and a bottle.

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