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Mis Diarios en Español

August 21, 2010

Tags: John Lennon, Nowhere Man, diaries, Transcriptions from the Universe, Headpress

The Spanish Beatles site 10, Mathew Street just ran a little piece about "Transcriptions from the Universe," my article in Headpress Journal 2.2 that discusses my own diaries at the time I began writing Nowhere Man.

John Lennon's Diaries

August 17, 2010

Tags: John Lennon, diaries, Headpress, Transcriptions from the Universe

Headpress Journal 2.2

An excerpt from my new piece on John Lennon's diaries, "Transcriptions from the Universe," has just been published in the online edition of Headpress 2.2. You can read it here. The complete 28-page article will soon be available in the printed edition of the journal. Stay tuned for more details.