The Sporadic Beaver

Beaver Street in Vanity Fair

January 12, 2011

Tags: Beaver Street, A History of Modern Pornography, Vanity Fair, Hot Type, Headpress

Beaver Street: A History of Modern Pornography, scheduled to be published next month by Headpress, is mentioned in "Hot Type" in the February issue of Vanity Fair UK.

The Unfinished Life of John Lennon

January 3, 2011

Tags: John Lennon, Proceso, Nowhere Man

Here's the original English of La vida inconclusa de John Lennon, that ran in Proceso magazine.

So there we were 30 years later, onstage at Purchase College, just north of New York City, a panel of rock ’n’ roll experts and assorted journalists who’d all lived through the events of that ancient day: December 8, 1980. We’d been invited to share our wisdom with a group of journalism students who were exploring “The Myth vs. the Reality of John Lennon.” The students were full of questions. They wanted to know about Lennon’s heroin use, and about his sons, Julian and Sean. But mostly they wanted to hear our stories about what we were doing the night we heard the news that John Lennon was dead. (more…)

La vida inconclusa de John Lennon

January 2, 2011

Tags: John Lennon, Proceso

My story about the meaning of John Lennon 30 years after his death, La vida inconclusa de John Lennon, is now available online en español in Proceso. I'll post the original English here in a few days.