The Sporadic Beaver

My Dream Last Night

December 27, 2010

Tags: Ron Jeremy, Seka, Beaver Street

I'm riding in a minivan with Ron Jeremy and Seka. Jeremy's driving, I'm in the passenger seat, Seka's sitting behind us. I ask Jeremy if he'll give me a blurb for Beaver Street. "You talk too much," Jeremy says.

My Personal Conspiracy Theorist

December 9, 2010

Tags: conspiracy theories, John Lennon, Stephen King

If you’ve ever googled me, you may have come across the website of a prolific conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier who’s implicated me in John Lennon’s murder. This has been going on for years and I’ve ignored it because…it’s insane. (Though I do take some comfort in the fact that Stephen King, too, has his own personal conspiracy theorist who’s implicated him in Lennon’s murder.) But now I’d like to bring your attention to a piece I found yesterday that satirizes the top three Lennon murder conspiracy theories, including the one that implicates me. When your conspiracy theories are reduced to satirical grist, the game, at last, is over.

Interview in La Tercera

December 8, 2010

Tags: Nowhere Man, John Lennon, La Tercera

As always on days like this they let me speak my mind in Latin America. This interview is from the Chilean paper La Tercera.

Nowhere Man Radio Program Tonight

December 6, 2010

Tags: Nowhere Man, John Lennon, Radio Etiopia

Tonight, at midnight NY time (11 PM in Mexico) there's a special radio program about my Lennon bio Nowhere Man (en español). You can listen live by clicking here, or if you're in Mexico City you can listen on the radio on 96.1 FM. The program's called Radio Etiopia and it's free-form radio the way it used to be. Lot's of Lennon and Beatles music, which is the same in any language.

Lennon Panel: The Review

December 5, 2010

Tags: John Lennon, Purchase College, Marilyn Johnson, Robert Christgau

For those who've been asking how the John Lennon panel at Purchase College went the other day, I offer this Twitter post from Marilyn Johnson, author of This Book Is Overdue and The Dead Beat: Incredible stories of Lennon's assassination (Bob Christgau's word), but Robert Rosen gave chills describing how he heard the news.