The Sporadic Beaver

The Real Beaver Street Cover

November 30, 2010

Tags: Beaver Street, A History of Modern Pornography

I've posted on my home page the long awaited Beaver Street cover. Click here to check it out. Bound galleys are now available for the media. Please e-mail your request.

118 Across

November 28, 2010

Tags: Nowhere Man, The Final Days of John Lennon, LA Times crossword

Would you believe I'm 118 across in the LA Times crossword today? Click on "Featured Puzzle" for November 28.

Read the Beaver Street Prologue Now

November 22, 2010

Tags: Beaver Street, A History of Modern Pornography

I've posted the Beaver Street Prologue here. I hope this will entice some of you to pre-order the book and those of you in the media to request an advance reader's galley, which will be available by the end of the month. (PDF galleys are available now.) A special note to any readers from Brooklyn: The Prologue opens in my father's candy store on Church Avenue, in 1961.

A Small Press Librarian's Holiday Reading List

November 15, 2010

Tags: Karen Lillis, small press

I make a recommendation to Karen Lillis, a very friendly and supportive reader.

Explore John Lennon at Purchase College

November 8, 2010

Tags: John Lennon, Purchase College

I'm making a rare local appearance on this John Lennon panel. Hope to see some of you there.

Erich von Pauli Meets Conan O’Brien

November 7, 2010

Tags: Conan O’Brien, Weeping Nazi, Paul Slimak, Beaver Street

If you’ve watched any of the Beaver Street videos on my home page, you may have wondered about the actor who plays Erich von Pauli. His name is Paul Slimak and he’s a character in the book. If he looks familiar, that’s probably because you remember him from his appearance as the Weeping Nazi on the premier episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. With the second (or is it third?) coming of Conan imminent, von Pauli has written an open letter to Conan, asking him to allow the Weeping Nazi to return and contribute to the launching of his “new comedy Reich.” You can read von Pauli’s letter here.