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What's Up With the Anonymous Quote?

October 17, 2010

Tags: Beaver Street, A History of Modern Pornography

One problem with writing a book about pornography is that a lot of people who enjoyed reading Beaver Street are hesitant to say so publicly. The author of the blurb on my home page--"Robert Rosen is a genius for connecting Traci Lords to Iran-Contra"--once worked in porn. Now he has a serious, high-profile job, and would prefer that people didn't know about his X-rated past. Who can blame him? But I love his insightful comment because it goes right to the heart of the book--the "climax," if you will--and it shows the wide, provocative range of material that Beaver Street covers.

The Book Habits of Booksellers

October 15, 2010

Tags: Nowhere Man, The Final Days of John Lennon, St. Marks Bookshop, Karen Lillis

This is a very cool essay by Karen Lillis about working in the St. Marks bookstore and reading on company time. I'm pleased to report that one of the books Ms. Lillis read was Nowhere Man.

My Favorite Nazi Returns

October 11, 2010

Tags: Beaver Street, A History of Modern Pornography, Paul Slimak, Agnes Herrmann, Robert Rosen, Headpress

My favorite Nazi, Erich von Pauli, has recorded another Beaver Street propaganda video.

Mexican Magic

October 10, 2010

Tags: Nowhere Man, The Final Days of John Lennon

What happened yesterday in Mexico and Venezuela is magic because I didn't do anything. It just happened. A prominent story in El Universal mentioned Nowhere Man in the lead. The story went out over the wire and was featured in dozens of newspapers all over the country. People pay PR firms exorbitant fees for this kind of coverage. And this was the year I was going to let go of Lennon and concentrate on Beaver Street.

Nowhere Man Vive en América Latina

October 9, 2010

Tags: Nowhere Man, The Final Days of John Lennon

The book is being mentioned all over the wire services. Here's a sampling from Mexico and Venezuela.

El Universal

El Nacional

MSN Venezuela

Wicked Magazine

The High Holy Days

October 9, 2010

Tags: John Lennon, 10 Mathew Street, Number 9

For me, October 9 and December 8 are the high holy days of the secular calendar, the equivalent of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Here are a couple of links that commemorate John Lennon.

10 Mathew Street

Number 9


October 8, 2010

Tags: John Lennon, Nowhere Man, Beaver Street

On the eve of John Lennon's 70th birthday, as my wife, Mary Lyn Maiscott (the Mistress of Syntax), and I continue to work on correcting the Beaver Street galley, I've taken a few minutes to talk about Lennon on The Louie Free Radio show. I've also accepted an invitation from the journalism department at SUNY Purchase to participate in a panel discussion on the myth of John Lennon on December 2. And here's a link to a piece by David Comfort, author of The Rock & Roll Book of the Dead, that discusses Nowhere Man and Lennon's fascination with number 9.